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Sidlaw Hills

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Head through gate and drop down on to grass on right. Follow grass trail up and over hill down to pond on right. Trail then switches left and right up to fireroad running left to right. Go left and follow to next gate. Through gate and follow track up to wooded peak. Drop off the back of peak through a technical singletrack descent to a fireroad. Follow this track to right, through broken gate and about 200yds until right turn. Follow through 2 streams then up hill to cairn. Trail divides here. Go left down a fast singletrack to gate. Through gate, turn right, through next gate. carry bike up hill on left to Syd Scroggie memorial. Choice of singletrack to SE-ok or singletrack to east on other side of fireroad. This leads to short Downhill section then 90 degree turn to right and rolling singletrack to fireroad. Cross fireroad and there is another singletrack descent off to right. At bottom of this there are a couple of bombholes leading to a track taking you down to the original left to right fireroad you cycled up at the beginning. Your choice then, lap 2 or pub!
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Trail Directions
Follow the Kingsway to Strathmartine roundabout. Take Strathmartine road and keep heading north till out of Dundee then follow road to Balkello Community Woodland car park.
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May 19, 2003

Overall Rating
 3 of 5

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Once a week

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Reviewed by: cens , from dundee

tips: don't use the brakes on the steppy downhill as it equates to more difficulty.

Recommended Route:
after the drop from auchterhouse hill don't go right but left and over the hill heading west stay on high ground not in the ruts and follow your nose to the monument, options here! 1/ drop the left side of the hill and cross the road and take on newtyle brae leading to tully baccart tough mossy and damp single track, follow the crags south side mind not to fall, 200ft drop to your left, then fire down to newtyle or 2/ shorter loop drop r/side of kinpurney then head to charlestown via landy track in wood, climb back up to kinoul via dryburn, long burner this, then drop down single track, do this at pace as it really flows, this takes you back to the race loop and carpark.

Other recommended trails in the same area:
templeton/camperdown park area; mostly flat some tricky singletrack and fast fireroads, usually muddy good for youngsters.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)