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Sand quarry

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3 different sets of good sized doubles, in a wooded section of the quarry there is a set of 3 monster doubles that you can get huge air of and pull some minted tricks on. There is a small but sweet dual track and loads more to play around on. Good day out!!!
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Trail Directions
From mold go out towards denbigh. Its about 4 - 5 miles from mold on the denbigh road. On quite a sharp corner there is a pub called the cherry pie on the right hand side of the road. There is alittle lane next to the pub going up into trees, go up there for about 150 meters and there is a tiny passing place for cars. You will see a path going up quite a steep hill. The spot is just up that hill and back down the other side!!!!
Trail Length
Big open quarry
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Mold / Denbigh

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