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Queens Way

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Although I`m not generally a fan of man made trails i have to admit they`re extremely well done and a lot of thought has obviously gone into them. Hissing sid,McMoab to name a couple are excellent when ridden quickly and are technical enough to keep most riders happy. If speed and bumps,berms and drops are your bag this place will not disappoint. After blitzing the singletrack the only downer is the fire road climb back to the top. There are several to choose from and makes for a good days riding. Having done Dalbeattie which i though was a waste of a journey (except the slab and co. which were over rated anyway)this area is a safe bet for decent riders.
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If driving from the East on the A75 head for newton Stewart before turning right on the new galloway road. its about 3 miles up there and as it is part of the seven stanes project it is well signposted. There are little mountain bike signs at turn offs next to the road. the one to look for is no.20.
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Newtown Stewart
Dumfries & Galloway

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