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Llyn Crafnant

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From the trailhead follow the path down and turn left at the bottom. stay on the singletrack until you reach a sign post directing you down through the trees, follow the sign post and turn left. When you finish the singletrack through the trees you come out on the fireroad you just climbed up, go straight ahead and follow a small stream to a large stream crossing. Once over the stream carry on going straight ahead following the trail which is a combination of singletrack and wide rocky sections. While the trail is probably a little tame for some, it's still a good blast and can be completed by just about anybody.
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From the the Forestry Commision car park at Llyn Crafnant take the road going up the hill. When you reach the lake turn right and go through/over the fence. Follow the fire road until it forks, take the fire road on the right that goes up the hill. Keep climbing until you reach a switchback where the fireroad turns right, the trail head is on the left.
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