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Hornsea Rail Trail

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The trail starts off as a paved track for about 1 mile before turning into a bridleway. It is pretty much a flat ride through the Holderness countryside, with unspectacular but peaceful views of the surrounding farms.
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Trail Directions
Though there are 11 earlier places to join the trail from streets in East Hull, I tend to start from Kestral Ave as the trail is effectively out of the built up areas here. From the town centre, head East on Holderness road for 2.5 miles before turning ledft onto Bellfield Ave at the Four in Hand pub. Follow Bellfield Ave to the end and turn left at the mini roundabout. keeo going until you meet another mini roundabout and turn right onto Howdale Road at this. Now take the third left onto Kestral Avenue And the trail crosses the road in about 100yards (NB at this point it is paved). Turn right onto the trail to head towards Hornsea.
Trail Length
13 miles
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Review Date
May 21, 2000

Overall Rating
 3 of 5

Ridden Trail:
Once a month

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Reviewed by: Andrew Riley , from Hull, England

There is nothing on this trail to challenge a serious mountain biker (I only ride it for relaxation). The only climb is about 25ft up to the road which it crosses at New Ellerby and the only 'descent' is about 20ft down to a wooden bridge a mile further along (this won't challenge anything but a begginner who may be phased by the sudden loss of traction as the track is quite gravelly there).
However, for a relaxing day trip for a begginner/family, it is ideal, as it is not physically challenging and provides a reasonably long ride with no traffic to contend with (except for crossing Roads). Also, there's the added bonus of Fish n Chips or an iced cream by the beach when you get to Hornsea. Summary: No major excitement for hardcore riders (if you fit into this category, it gets half a star) but if you want to have a relaxing ride out, get out and ride this on a sunny day.

Recommended Route:
Follow the trail straight on - you can't get lost until you reach Hornsea. At this point, turn right then left, follow the street you now find yourself on and at the roundabout get off, walk straight across and up the stairs to follow the rest of the trail until you can see the sea.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)