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Glen Trool (Bennan climb)

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its a real corker of a descent from the top loose and stoney with a few sweeping bends eventually coming out of the trees onto the FC fire road it levels out for a little bit with a tiny up hill bit before you hit the next downhill bit through the trees and back down to the start of the fire road near the visitor centre all in all a nice challenge maybe not for the full on downhiller (hell of a way to push a 40lb plus downhill rig) but the freerider and hardy XC types should cope well, as ive said above during last summer i had a few rides but sadly had to be aborted due to forest operations this aside enjoy. stay tuned for another downhill run trail thats near Kirroughtree home of the new soon to be opened 7 stanes trails
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Trail Directions
find your way to the Glen Trool visitor centre car park from there make your way towards the bruces stone site take the 1st left and follow the fire road (dont take the right turn just keep going round to the left) keep following the fire road up and up i reckon its about 3 miles or so to the top of Bennen where the radio mast is. (BE WARNED THOUGH WATCH OUT FOR FOREST OPERATIONS WHEN YOUR COMING BACK DOWN!!)
Trail Length
about 8 miles round trip
Trail Level
Trail Type
Fire Roads
Glen Trool
Dumfries and Galloway

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