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Forest of Dean; Dr John's

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Quite hard to find the start, if you don't know where to go, but worth the effort.

Begins south-west of Churchill Lodge, near The Rising Sun, at Mosley Green and finishes near Parkend.

Fast flowing downhill singletrack with several small jumps and technical sections. Crosses several fire roads, but for the last section you need to re-enter the woods on the same side that you exit (just slightly downhill, to the left).

Be sure to look out for the wild boar mud pit, at the end of the initial (flatish) section. It's by an electricity pole and worth doing the ride just to see it!

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March 24, 2009

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Reviewed by: courthmp ,  Cross Country Rider

Dr Johns;

Absolutely stunning singletrack, one of the best in the area. Didn't measure it, but I would say it's almost 2 miles of (mostly downhill) singletrack. Been Mountain Biking in the Forest of Dean for years, but first heard of this particular trail on this website. We couldn't find the start, but was shown it by the landlord of The Fountains, an inn down the hill in Parkend where we had lunch.

Recommended Route:
Two things to add to the previous description that might help people find this trail;

It starts just off a junction, near a small pile of wooden fencing (might not be there for long).

The other thing is that the trail actually goes a bit further than previously described. AFTER the section where you "re-enter the woods on the same side that you exit on to the fire road (just slightly downhill, to the left)" cross the fire road you come out on to and carry on uphill. After a small drop-off turn right and follow the fence line uphill, then around to the left.

There's quite a nice section here, dropping back down the hill you just climbed up.

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Too many too mention!

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)