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Cavehill trail

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The trails are both forested and open aswell. the groud cover has a mixture of gravel surfaced trails ,grass and dirt trails. there is a large variety of directions to go so the maps will be handy. there are a lot of steep climbs and drops. watch out for what is known as the devils Slide!.
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Trail Directions
there are three ways of entering this trail one is by the Belfast Castle, one is from Bellevue Zoo and the last is via the Upper Hightown Road. Ask anyone in the local town of Glengormley and they are sure to give you directions. On both entrances vis the Zoo and the castle there are maps posted up in the area showing all the trails to very high detail. trails lead up to the top of the hill which has a cliff face that walls over the city of belfast , so there are great views of the city and of belfast lough. If you would like a map of the trail send me an email.
Trail Length
10 miles
Trail Level
Trails for all skill levels
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads

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Review Date
December 11, 2001

Overall Rating
 5 of 5

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Once a week

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Reviewed by: Ciara , from Glengormley, Belfast

Brilliant for both climbing fanatics and downhill maniacs. Singletrack along both the north and south faces is fast and furious - not for the faint hearted - steep and technical in many places.
The gravel paths are fast, but not too technical and some of the wider and more gentley sloping singletracks available make it a good place for both intermediate and experienced ridres - the climbs are more likely to kill!! The area is very busy at the weekends as it is the main country park that services North Belfast, as such take care of other users i.e walkers, dogs, cows etc

Recommended Route:
Enter Cavehill country park through the Belfast Castle entrance, following road until the trail up through the trees becomes apparent on the left. Follow the gravel path upwards until trail begins to level out at a wide right hand corner. At this point the gravel path continues, however take a small singletrack trail to the left, heading upwards along a flint trail towards turnstile over a small stream. Follow walker/mtber trail on up, passing over three further cattle grid/turnstiles until you meet the rear access road for the summit of the hill. Follow the gravel climb up to summit (Napolean's Nose). At this point take the small singletrack path that doubles back towards the castle along the south face of the hill. This will take you back to lower reaches, go back to summit as before. At summit you can either head back along the north face of the hill or go west towards radio mast following another singletrack trail downhill over heather. At base of this trail turn left, following contour - brings you to main north facing trail along Cavehill. At base of this continue towards Glengormley going downhill over tunrstile and small river following a very narrow and steep singletrack. At base of this join old cobbled path turning right again and following down towards Belfast Zoo. At this point you can decide to go home (NOT) or follow the path back uphill behind the Zoo to the base of Napoleans Nose and the caves, from this you can go back up taking trail below the caves to the summit, or follow numerous small singletrack trails through the forest, all lead down to main road - TIME: 2 - 3 hrs.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)