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Blidworth Bottoms

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Good forest, single track in north Nottinghamshire. Start at Bestwood Park and circle the woods. Come out at the back onto the A610 (Mans.Rd). Head north to Blidworth Bottoms. Circle the woods and head towards Calverton where you'll find more forest/single track. Calverton woods are just off the A614 (behind the old mine). You'll find a series of great jumps (don't know who's behind them?) Continue your ride into Woodborough, lambley then back down to Bestwood. You'll find me on an F600.
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Trail Directions
Bestwood Park, Arnold - Blidworth Bottoms (just outside Ravenshead) - Calverton - Woodborough - Bestwood Park...
Trail Length
24 miles
Trail Level
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads

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