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This is a easy social ride of about 20 miles that cross 5 fords. best riden in the summer as you get real wet. Each of the Fords has a bridge so whimps can take the easy route (and for Photographers to get great pics from of riders falling in!) The first ford at Cold christmas is very easy and the last at Standon is pretty tricky. This is a great fun social ride that is worth taking non cycling friends or the girlfriend along on and can be great fun if it is warm. The route between fords can either be by road or taking to tracks depending on who turns up and their ability. Make your own return route up. lots of options.
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Usually start from Hertford and ride along the River Lee to the wooden bridge by glaxo's. Over the bridge and then up Wengeo lane. Across the road and into the cemetry. Out of the Cemetry and then up Oles lane. Cross over the A10 and head for Cold Christmas. Check your map as this one is easy to miss. Once you have crossed this one, head for Barack ford, (off roaders can take a chance with a very nice footpath through sawtrees wood) again a fairly easy crossing. Next you follow the road to latchworth south ford. This is were it gets interesting (and wet). having crossed the ford, follow the road on the other side to latchworth north. again this is not as easy as it looks. Next head for Standon either over the hill off road or by lanes. When you get to standon have a look. I suggest that before you tackle this ford that you go for lunch and a pint in Standon. Once you have a few beers inside you, you will be more than up for the challenge. Standon ford is about a 100 yards long
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June 9, 2004

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 2 of 5

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Every few months

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Reviewed by: pgatens ,  Cross Country Rider

Now 6 Fords!!!
Update to the route. As you come out of Sawtrees Wood by Barrack Ford there is a track oposite that goes round to Latchford ford. The track has a good surface and passes yet another ford which is crossable. The ford goes nowwhere as it just used by the farmer so you will need cross back to the track to make your way to latchford ford.

Recommended Route:
The ride is easy, It's crossing the fords that is tricky and fun. The fords get harder as you go. Suggest that you go to the Star pub at Standon for lunch before attempting the last (hardest ford).

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)