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A Bit o' Both World's

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well its on road off road steep accents and decents all round, through woods, fantastic views of castle hill and emily moor mast, and the whole of huddersfiend in the summer. its an everyday ride that a great relaxing ride if you want it to be.
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Trail Directions
well if u want a can take you on me trial, just e-mail me ianevo@talk21.com but otherwise heres the way you start at the old pack horse pub and go right on exit of pub from front and take your first right. then follow the road for about 1/2 a mile and turn right at the junctions. follow that road until it gets to a sharp right bend and turn left towards the Grey Ox pub. follow the road until the 3rd right and carry on straight forward onto the skinny dirt track and follow it down hill, when you get to the cow's drinking bowl you can go 3 ways, if you wanna go the fastest and most painfull go right, for the up n down go forward and go left and get lost. so go right if you want and follow the trial down and just explore all the different trials around, you cant get lost and they eight lead to a main road ( a pub opposite the shell petrol station) or you go down the road where all the ritchies live, when you get to the end go left, it will take you home. my advice for you is e-mail me and i can take you (anytime ov year)
Trail Length
about 6 - 12 miles depend on route u take.
Trail Level
Trail Type
Scholes, Cleckheaton, Hartshead Moor, Huddersfield

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