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Zillertal Arena

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Pros start from the trainstation down to the village center and go right there. Keep going uphill now towards Gerlos until the bridge to Gerlosberg. Follow that road now towards Rohrberg-Grindlalm (900 m)-Wiesenalm middlestation)-Rosenalm (topstation). From the topstation keep going uphill towards Kreuzwiesenalm. You will reach the highest point soon (2050 m). From now follow the blue and yellow bikepath signs. The fireroad will cross rivers, skislopes and offer lots of additional climbs and downhills. Go down on the big fireroadcrossing (as soon as you see the lake). If you got some power left go up again at the righthabded Uturn or follow the fireroad down to the mainroad and pedal back to Zell. For those who keep going: As soon as you cross the black skirun: follow the tracks on it. But beware it is black because it is steep. And muddy. And full of cows and their shit. You will end up at Hansis Sunnalm. From here follow the fireroad again to Gerlos and the mainroad back to Zell. All together: ca. 2.000m (ca. 6.000 feet). The downhills are not technical but the ride is one of the most beautiful ones in Austria. Mountains, lakes, creekcrossings, cows and shit,...and no one hikes or bikes there!!!
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Trail Directions
From Innsbruck take car or train to Zell am Ziller (600 m)in Zillertal (about 40 miles east). If you are no pro bike through the village to the gondula station. Take the lift to middle (1100 m) or top station (1700 m) depending on your fitness.
Trail Length
30 miles
Trail Level
Trail Type
Fire Roads

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