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Tre Fiumi (Three Rivers)

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The trail is 60% technical singletrack, the rest are fireroads and paved, it runs up and down the south piedmont's hills, well shaded and offers some really wild (for italian standards)athmosphere. The whole ride takes 2\3 days , so you may like to have with you camping stuff or to book a room in the cheap pensions on the villages you cross. It's quite hard to describe correctly this trail because it's spread on very rough terrain, expect a lot of ups and downs.
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Trail Directions
Reach Acqui Terme via Genova (60km North), Turin (100 km. South), or Milan 120 km. West. Once in Acqui, park next to the large open pool in the spa area and reach the trail in the villages of "Cavatore" or "Cartosio". Trail is signed with yellow\red paint, maps available for free at the local "Comunit montana" or at bike shops.
Trail Length
120 km.
Trail Level
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads
Acqui Terme

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