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StBartelemy - col Chaleby -

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The trail begins in St bartelemy, a village of NUS, last A5 exit from Turin before Aosta From the center of the village of Clensod - Lignan (1650 m slm)you go in the paved road to Porliod, when you arrives i the village of porliod (1900 m)take at your left the road to Chavalary - Fontaney, after 1 km remain at yor right and continue to chavalry, after some kilometers the road arrives where is a little parking and you see at your lest the track designed with a 1 encercled by triangle, now there are some zones whwere you cannot remain on you bike and you need to walk, contimue along the track 1 (alta via numero 1) and you arrives to the Chaleby col (2653 m), descendig yuo can take another track, some 500 metres under the Chaleby col you cross a good track that goes to the Col de salvè at your right, go down on the trac until you arrives at a dirt road at the tsa de fontaney alp, take the dirt road and after 3 kilometers you arrives at Porlod and after to Lihnan
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Trail Directions
Trail Length
15 Kilometers
Trail Level
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads
valle aosta
Zip/Postal Code
I 11100
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