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Prague Pruhonice Prague

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A little road and pavement to get there. Mostly technical Stream kinda singletrack, and some downhill near the end. Physically hard and very technical in places, some beautiful scenery at the end. Please comment or e-mail me for info. This is a good one day trail which will sure get you satisfied.
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Trail Directions
Start at metro station HajeGet down to the forest (simply turn left when out of the metro (take the eskalator, not the stairs), get down the stairs, and go straight through the passage kinda thing. Cinema Galaxie on the left, continue straight on the pavement. Cross one road and follow straight down the street. When you see the police station across the street to the left, turn right after it. A small lake on the left and you are in the forest.) After about 100m in the forest take the turn right. You should see a field on the left of you. Follow down to the big lake (v.n. Hostivar) untill you are at the gates in the fence around it. Turn left and follow the fence by the asphalt foot walk. Cross a bridge, the lake is o the right and another small one on the left. After the bridge turn right and you are on the red marked trail. Now just follow the marks around the lake and later next to the Botic stream. Just follow the red trail through Pruhonice, Osnice, Horni and Dolni Jircany all the way to Psary (around 30-35km) where the red trail meets the blue one. Take the blue trail to the RIGHT and follow it through Liber, Zahorani all the way to the Vltava River. Here you can Either head right back to Prague next to the river, or have some fun in this Stream/mountain area if you are not tired. Regards, Andrei Charyi (Zazox) Dirt is Like Oxygen! Suggest you get the following map: OKOLI PRAHY - JIH (19) 1 : 50000 GREEN COVER AND IN THE PLASTIC ENVELOPE
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