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Poros Fire Roads

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Before you begin riding I suggest you visit Vrisoula. You can drink fresh water that has been running there for years. The fire road winds around the main part of the island. There are some branches of the fire road that end up on the pavement road, singletracks or dead end. The ride is a little bumpy and at some points hilly, however there are a lot of pretty scenery. The ride is about 5 - 6 Km. Enjoy!
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Trail Directions
From Athens airport you take a taxi to Piraus Port. From there you take a boat to Poros. There is always a boat going to Poros. The trail begins from a place called Vrisoula which is located in the largest part of the island (Poros consists of two islands connected together by a bridge). Vrisoula is a small church of Santa Maria (Saint Maria, Mother Mary, Panagia) with a water fountain next to it that runs day and night. Once you arrive in Poros, take the road to your left going to the main island. If you go right you will make a round of the small part of the island and end up on the same road going to the main island. When you pass over a bridge you will know then that you are on the main island. Keep going straight up until you reach a 'Y'. Take the left road of the 'Y' intersection. The road starts to incline and wind around the mountain. From the bridge, Vrisoula is 4 Km away. As you go up the mountain you will come to a big turn that almost winds to a 'U'. Straight ahead of the turn is the path to Vrisoula. To the left of the road is a huge rock mine (you can't miss it, it's huge!) and a fire road. The fire road is the beginning of the trail.
Trail Length
5 - 6 Km
Trail Level
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads
Poros, Trizinias, Greece
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May 26, 2000

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