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Pilatus - Fraekmuend

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A nice loop with everything in it: Long uphill, fast gravel road downies, some drops, little northshore trails. Starting in Luzern or one of its suburbs, lots of different hiking trails (be aware of hikers on the weekends) bring you up to Fraekmuent. It''s a 1000+ meter climb but it''s worth every bead of sweat. From the gondola station either climb another 50 meter higher up (northerly) to ride the official bike trail (very boring) or try one of the challenging trails southerly to Horw or Hergiswil. Ride down the wide gravel road besides the summer bobsleigh and turn left at the first junction to cross the bobsleigh and enter the forest trails. Ride for about 1/2km and then turn right to the hiking trail – steep, lots of roots but fun. Enjoy the short northshore trail and turn right again just after that (small and floating singletrail). Lots of different trails are running down to the lake. Keep right (->Brunni -> Hergiswil) to get access to the Lopper loop (see other trail review).
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Trail Directions
Start in Kriens, Horw or Hergiswil and follow one of the the widespread hiking trails - or ask locals for smooth uphills. Be aware of unfriendly hikers on the weekend when starting from the "Kriens"-side...
Trail Length
20-30 Kilometers
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Singletrack & Fire Roads
Luzern (Switzerland)
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