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Number 10

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Trail 10 The best place is to start from Kalopoula caffe, a small establishment based beside the main tarmac road that leads to Papagou area. You can be there through various trails or dirtroad combinations. From Kalopoula follow the Anthousa tower trail (already posted as a description in this forum). Once at Anthousa tower, head east and in 50 meters you’ll meet the main road that leads to Papagou area. Cross the road and you’ll see an entrace for the trail number 10. (you may either carry the bike over the 5-6 steep steps or climb the ramped rock face at the right side of the entrance). Follow the trail and in 200-250 metters you’ll reach a dirtroad. From there you’ll be able to see the rest ofthe trail at the opposite side of the dirtroad. Here you have two options. An easy & a harder one. More advanced right & follow the dirtroad for 500 metters. You’ll reach a tarmac road that leads up to the top of Immitos mountain. Follow it and in 300 – 400 metters above a sharp left turn you’ll see the entrance of a trail. Stay on the road. After 800 meters or more you’ll pass Asterios aleochristianic monastery (Asterios = the Man from Stars! . Note for Mr Daineken). Follow the tarmac and after a sharp turn and some more climbing (2-3 kilometers) you’ll reach the high entrance of the trail number 10. Note. The trail in the first 30 meters has a alternative route that’s way harder. Stay at the right and follow the main trail. After 1,5 kilometer of descending you’ll reach a cross section. Turn right and you’ll get after 500 metters to the tarmac road that you were climbing just after Asterios monastery. There you’ll meet an entrance to your left hand which is also our easy option. Easy (or second part od the trail 10) Get down and after 800 meters of descending you’ll reach the main dirtroad above Kalopoula. Turn left (don’t loose the drop!) and after 1 killometer turn right into the first trail. After 80 meters of descending through switchbacks you’ll reach a cross section. For Kalopoula caffe turn right. After 200 meters you’ll be where you started from! Note. The 10 is a great trail to climb also! UncaJohn
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Just reach the bridges above the Kessariani semetary, over the Katehaki street!
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4-5 Kilometers
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