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From the subway station you follow the road for about 1.5 kms up to Tryvannstrnet, a broadcast tower. From there its gravel roads for miles and miles. I like to bike from here via Tryvannstua down to Ullevlseter ( 5 kms) and from there to Sognsvann ( 5 kms). As you arrive at Ullevlsseter you are left with many choices, to continue further in to the woods, i.e the popular spot of Kikut ( another 9 kms from Ullevlseter) or go down to Sognsvann. If you choose the latter, I suggest to follow the gravel road all the way until you hit a farm with a barrier. A few hiundred metres from there there's trail on you right hand. Follow this to Sognsvann. This is a bit more challenging, rockier and less travelled than the 'main road' to Sognsvann which can get backed with families and dogs.
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Trail Directions
Jump on Subway line no 1 to Frognerseteren. There you get off at the last stop and enjpoy the view before hitting the trail.
Trail Length
15-20 kms
Trail Level
Trails for all skill levels
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads
Oslo, Norway

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