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Murska Suma - the Mura-Forrest

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This is an adventurous XC-trail near my hometown with a lot of nature,wilderness and a beautifull landscape. You start in Lendava and bike down the river Ledava around 4-5 miles, 'til you come to the entrance of the Mura-Forrest. Here starts the adventure - you bike through the forrest near the river Mura (on the right), the river Ledava (on the left), the forrest and the swamps in the middle. There are a lot of wild animals (all kind of birds, deers, bambi,an endemic blue frog), but don't worry, they are not dangerous. Also you see all kind of flora (endemic flowers). In the forrest you have a lot of different trails, so you can find your own variation. Aha, you need here an ID, because the trail leads near 3 state borders: Slovenia/Hungary/Croatia,..Enjoy it!
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