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Mountain Route (Corralejo - Lajares)

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One lane secondary/4wd road from Corralejo to Lajares. Hardly any traffic except for the occasional 4wd vehicle. Road is rocky and there are many wholes in the road, front suspension is essential. The road is very deserted with no houses. Elevation is quite high making for steep gradual climbs, fast downhills, and breathtaking views. When you reach Lajares you can ride on main roads to El Cotillo. From there you can take the "Ocean Route" back to Corralejo. Makes for a great one day ride.
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Trail Directions
Starts from the eastern part of Corralejo. It is quite difficult find, but the search is well worth it. Get a map from a local mtb shop and ask directions, they can help you find the start of the trail.
Trail Length
10 km
Trail Level
Trail Type
Fire Roads
Fuertevetura, Spain
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