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Mingtur Pass

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rough doubletrak to the top. breathe deep. Don't go up the road to the left at the stone monument. That's China. They'll shoot you. Follow the singletrak when you can see the yellow river. Watch out for the dropoffs and the rocks.
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Trail Directions
From Khan Tengri basecamp in Kazakhstan follow the road across the border into Kyrgyzstan. At the first stream crossing turn left by the stone huts, go up the valley about 40 km crossing the stream about 30 times until you come to the stone monument at the head of the three valleys. Follow the double track over the Mingtur Pass (elevation 13,000+) The downhill bomb to the yellow river and the Kyrgyzstan border station is the coolest downhill ever.
Trail Length
100 km
Trail Level
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads
Kyrgyzstan Border Crossing

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