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Kjells Tur

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The track starts at Nobel Hallen in Karlskoga (yes, named after Alfred Nobel, the Nobel prize founder who lived here). I just followed the signs during the Kjells tur race so I'm not sure if trail is marked other days of the year. I'm sure they have maps of the track at the tourist information. Back to the trail description. It starts with few miles country roads, pretty easy biking, then it's alternately woodland tracks and country roads for a few more miles, still pretty easy biking, after a while it's more woodland paths than country roads and the trail gets more and more tricky but it's really still much fun, nice mixture of roads and trails. There are some part of the track that is truly fantastic, one part is when you pass a ridge through some dry old forest, very nice. You get some nice views from the "mountain" tops during along the track too. The only drawback is that the track goes back and fourth over the same road and areas a few times.
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Trail Directions
Nearest big city is Orebro (rebro), it takes approx. 40-50 min. with car from rebro.
Trail Length
47 miles (76 km)
Trail Level
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads
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