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Kionia-Profitis Ilias

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I did this hunting trail on a old Raleigh witch I could use from a local friend. He thougt that I whas a complete fool trying to do this by bike. After I finished the decent and met a local forester a the end drinking water at the spring. He did not believe me when I told him what I just did. This, guys and girls, is far out the best downhill I ever did. I stil think I am until now the first that tryed. Who''s next. I now it''s not near, but it''s an unforgetable one Kionia - Profitis Ilias Starting point: Kionia picnic site. Accessible either from Vavatsinia or from the Machairas Monastery road which leads to Kionia. Length: 7 kms Time: Points of interest: The trail goes down to the Monastery of Profitis Ilias (Prophet Elijah) where there is a spring with drinking water.
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Trail Directions
Trailhead is at het Kionia Picknick site alt. 1.500 mts.
Trail Length
7 Miles
Trail Level
Trail Type
Vavatsinia or Macheras Monestery
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