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Karjalohja-Fiskars forest trails in Finland

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Use Your imagination , maps and compass and survey the forest and lake area (about 100 lakes).Very difficult to get lost (really!) . Mobile phones work there.No snakes , a lot of mosquitoes in June-July!
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In Finland it is free(=everymans right) to walk and use non motor vehicles( = bicycle) on roads and paths anywhere except national parks. This everymans right does not give You the right to drive through gardens or fields or cultivated areas! Or to disturb people or animals. Buy first the special map made for bicyclists, Fillari GT no 1 1:200 000(Southern part of Finland - routes for cyclists),Outdoor map series by Karttakeskus.Locate first Lohja(50 km from Helsinki) and then smaller communities Pohja,Fiskars and Karjalohja(90 km from Helsinki). More detailed maps can be bought from Karttakeskus or Akateeminen kirjakauppa(bookstore) in Helsinki. "Topografinen kartta" 1:50 000 maps give a good idea of the forest area and the more detailed "Maastokartta " 1:20 000 shows more details like small brooks and paths - good for navigation.
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September 26, 2001

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 4 of 5

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Reviewed by: Kari Penkkil , from Karjalohja ,Finland

The routes are not marked and not very well known. Some horse riders use these roads. Some parts of the route are really beautiful. Krkel village is fantastic. No tourists - and no services.Lake Pitklampi is worth visiting, length 2km but very narrow canyonlike formation.Crystal clear water .Only 200m from the road but very difficult to climb there if You go over the rocks!You must know how to read maps!And a compass! And do not go to the forest areas alone because there are no other bicyclist or other people who can help. The roads are easy and safe. If You need more challenge there are a lot of difficult paths. But You must have help with You and possipbly a mobile phone. The locals are friendly but it is difficult to find anyone!
This is also a good area to practice if You are planning to make a really extreme trip for example to Lapland. You cant get lost in these forests and there are no dangerous animals, just deer and moose. Time between November-March is too cold and dark.Best time August -September (less mosquitos).
This area is OK also for beginners and kids if You plan your routes/kilometers right. MTB driving is just a (rare )hobby here - still non commercial.

Recommended Route:
In Karjalohja You can start from "Puujrventie"-road,a narrow country road on the west side of lake Puujrvi (You must have a map!).Follow the roads/logging trails to North /North-West about 8 south miles to Krkel (iron works village from 17th century). From Krkel to south .Over the Salo-Inkoo highway to the forest again following a narrow "road" past lake "Pitklampi".Try to find the old mine "Malmberget" close to a bigger lake Mrjrvi .Visit some of the small lakes and swim if the weather permits. Same way back or use your maps and try to find a shortcut direct to Karjalohja.

Other recommended trails in the same area:
Trails from Fiskars and Antskog village are also worth driving. Especially the area between lakes Simijrvi and Mrjrvi. Shorter routes from Fiskars for example around lake Degersj. Good shops in Fiskars and Karjalohja provide food but You have to carry own food and water to the forest area.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)