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infamous 10

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This is a trail that crosse the whole mountain of Ymmitos. the proposed entrance is the easyest one for access!
This trail is easy with just a few challenging sections. A rocky fast descend.
Take care. After a small level (5-7 metters) clearance there are two different routes that you may follow.
-Go straight and you'll get on the kessariani dirtroad quite fast though loose rock (damn motorbikes!)
-After 15 metters turn right and you'll get at a northen exit where you can either turn left and descend through the interesting trail or get to the tarmac and head for the Asterios chapel (Asterios = Man from the stars in Greek)and take more pleasure there (lots of trails)

Although it is not a challenging trail the rocky groung make it hard for the hardtail rider to descend it or for the grammarophobic XC racer to stay on line!)

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