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Howth Head

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There are 3 trails which are easy and not very intimidating (perfect for someone new, like me!). One trail goes off to the left and is fast and sweeping. No jumps worth talking about and is over stoney ground. Probably about a mile long, maybe a little more. Second trail is further down the cliff and is quite easy. It is flat most of the way, but has some sheer drops of 100 ft down into the sea with nothing to stop your fall, great views though, lots of rocks near the end, and some steepish drops. The third trail goes off to the right and leads down to the lighthouse. It is fast and short, and steepish at the start. Sometimes there can be lots of walkers on these trails, but it's easy to see and avoid them. I wasn't too sure about what to put in for trail type, so I just put in fire roads. Enjoy
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Trail Directions
Simplest directions from Dublin City are to go through Fairview and head towards Clontarf and keep going along the coast, you will see Howth in the distance (big headland). When you get to Sutton Cross, take a right and head up the hill. Trail starts just beside Summit Pub (small road beside it, leading up to carpark and trail)
Trail Length
3 trails, maybe 3.5 miles in total
Trail Level
Trail Type
Fire Roads
Howth, Dublin

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