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From tmarksetra the trail goes Nort-vest towards Oppsal. After 2 miles of graet singletrack you ride half a mile on a gravelroad and turn back for some great downhilling towards stmarksetra again. Go around Nklevann towards Mariholtet. Turn left and ride up some real steep uphill over Slettfjell. Again there are lots of great downhills on the other side. From Slettfjell take left after degrden for another spectacular climb. On the top you reach the tsmarkappelet. This is where the real fun beginns. On the east side of Rundvann there goes a tiny singletrack towards the east and a glorius viewpoint with view over eastern Nordstrand and the Grnnmo dump. Down from here the trail disappears under your wheels. Arguably one of the steepest trails in Norway. Five minutes with your but behind the rear wheel. Greaaat. From here you continue to Skullerudstua by the Norgescuptrail.
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You start at smarksetra restaurant and end up at Skullerudstua after 2 hours of great technical riding.
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Singletrack & Fire Roads
Oslo, Bler

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