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Dorst-Seterse bergen

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This discription is an translation of Marc Schriek's review in dutch. It is available at the route's weblink along with a map I've divided my discription in some chapters: #1 This is the first part +/- 75 meters and flat with no turns excelent for high speeds #2 The second part is what makes this trac very heavy. Sandy slopes followd by sharp turns and diffecult climbs. There is not much alltitude difference but you really have to try hard to maintain that speed. At the end the sand becomes very soft, so search for that grip. #3 This part is not so heavy but it is very technical it's one long path with turns on good solid sand. at the end there is a 200 meter long straight piece for high speeds or a little bit of resting. #4 Is a mixture of 2 and 3 #5 a long serie's of straight paths for high speeds #6 The most beautifull part of the track, with high speed you shoot in to the woods and zig zag trough the trees (wear a helmet, the trees are so near that you are likley to hit one or two). #7 At first sight a piece of cake but the sand here is very soft so it is very heavy for your legs. at the end is a spectacular jump. #8 The last part is a straight line across an asphalt road back to the start point. The route is easy ride when you follow the signs. That are little green triangles with a bike on it pointing in the direction that you need to ride. This track has allways been in the top 20 of all the dutch tracks
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Trail Directions
Fastest is via the A27 highway (Breda-Utrecht) take exit 17 (Oosterhout zuid). Follow the signs to Dorst, you pass by Mc Donalds And follow that road, the Beneluxweg, all the way to the end, there you take a left turn. After +/- 2 miles you pass a sand dune, behind that dune is the starting point. There is a small dirt road leading to the startpoint from the main road, it is situated to the left of the dune.
Trail Length
6 Kilometer
Trail Level
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads
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