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Enter Collserolla, follow path to Can Borrell, take fork to Sant Medir, go right on single track to St Medir, at road, take rt, then quick left at road up to Font Groga, keep going up (always going to the right)until you get to the top (you will know - this always takes about 20-40 min depending on how lazy I am). Lt on road for about 2.5 k (go down then up, always choosing the path to the right). Take sharp left and follow wide path to Forat del Vent, cross road and ride straight into a short, technical down. Once down (in a crossroads with a bar to your back, make a left and cross the chain. Now a nice ride down (some really great jumps!!!), ride into Can Cata (hunting area) cross chain (always choose path to right). When you come to the 3rd singletrack up on the lt, take it (it is kind of a whoopdedo up, about 2 mtrs steepy and then flattens out alot, you get some good air if you go fast enough. This should put you on a really great single track through a low pine/brush forrest. Just follow it down, always choosing the 'down' direction (usually to the left - you are angling back to Can Coll). This is the really fun part!!! This path will dump you out to the rt of a small pond and stream below the road near Can Coll. Go up to the road, take a lt, then a rt about 1 k up the rd at the road (dirt) to Can Borrell, follow road down, cross small bridge, and make rt immediately after bridge. Follow path back to trailhead.
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Sant Cugat roundabout near Europa Collegi (start of trail to Collserolla park). Once there just follow the many paths, the choices are infinite.
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Singletrack & Fire Roads
Barcelona/Sant Cugat

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