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Castell D' Alar

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It is a nice downhill/freeride with some fast sections (the upper part of it) and trickier parts (the lower half). The drops are easy to handle but take care of the 1 meter drop - nothing for amateurs! Take care of the hikers which are rarely going the trickier parts but come along the road from time to time.
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Trail Directions
When you start in Alar, look for the signs to the Castell. Follow the fireroad uphill. The Uphill is about 5 Kilometers long, fist part of it is rotten asphalt rest is rockier and loose. Halfway up you pass a hostal named
Trail Length
3.125 miles downhill
Trail Level
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads
Alar / Island of Mallorca / Baleares

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