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Anthousa Tower

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Leaving Klopoula caffe you'll have to clear several hairy sections of the trail before meeting the narrow dirtroad. once there, Keep on the same direction as when exiting from the first trail section (west). After 500 metters or more you'll pass a crossroad. Go straight (west to your left arm) and start descending for about 300 to 400 metters. Then you'll see a trail entrance on your right hand.. Pass it! The second entrance is the right one (a narrow trail going up north, following the slope on your right hand). The trail is great! Ascending towards the north with Lots of rocky steps and rooty section to clear. Nearby the middle of the trail there's a section with slippery & loose rocks partly destroyed by motorbikes (if see any make a unpolite remark, please).After that the trail goes on in the same narrow faschion. Just before reaching Anthousa's tower, there's a small descending section. Then you'll pass a narrow dry streambed and ascend through a "S" section including three rock steps! After that the Anthosa tower is on your left hand...
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Trail Directions
From Kalopoula cafe, just above Kessariani monastery follow the west trail up to the first narrow dirtroad. Then go on west, pass the fist crossroad staying on your left. The second trail on your righr is the one!
Trail Length
2,5 killometers
Trail Level
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Review Date
November 21, 2006

Overall Rating
 3 of 5

Aerobic Difficulty
 3 of 5

Technical Difficulty
 3 of 5

Ridden Trail:
Once a week

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Reviewed by: uncajohn ,  Weekend Warrior

A short trail that connects several routes both through trails or dirtroads. At the top entrance (or exit depends from your direction) there's even the "heretic" option to hit the tarmac....
This trail has been partly damaged from MX motorbikes. More loose ground now.
Very interesting to climb with easy parts betewwn challenging rocksteps and rockgardens.
Despite that thisis a narrow trail (singletrack) when descending one can reah high speeds.
Not for everyone though (XC racer or dirtroad lover). Don't bring your ORBEA there you'll need a real" mountain bike...


Recommended Route:
when climbing,
follow the Iridanos trails from the Katehaki Ave bridges up to the narrow dirtroad that passes under Kalooula. As soon as you pass from the crossroad that leads to the tarmac above to the North you'll meet the trail's entrance.
A short but intensive climb that demands both strength and good skills (skills are importand, this is a good trail to nail any hardcore racer in good shape).
When descending,
you may enter this trail by following the three step entrance that leads to the Anthousa tower. Easy

Other recommended trails in the same area:
This trail is interupted by the main tarmac road above Anthosa tower. I you want to climb higher hit the rock wall atthe right of the higher antrance (trail no 5). thi swill lead you higher with more options to follow!
At the lower exit/entrance there are lots (again) of options. You may even follow the rest of the no 5 trail down to the Katehaki bridges or turn right at the dirtroad towards the Papagou semmetary (Many trails at your left & right from there) or turn left towards Kolopoula, where you may meet more entrances for interesting trailridding, or stop for some ouzo at kalopoula caffe!

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)