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The first 2 kms or so is rocky downhill with 1 meter drops. Once down in the valley you'll ride a few dirt roads. If you continue down the main road you'll find a trail map. You can basically explore from here. I rode around for about 3 hours then went into town, climbed back up on the road 2500ft. Where the road splits on the climb theres a small section of "motorbike conditioned" single track/play park, lots of cool drops, roller coaster trails, banked windy curves. At the picnic area I picnicked with my wife who was hiking then went down skirting the road where there is single track trails that intertwine with the paved road.
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From Milan follow the signs for Erba, right before you enter Erba go west at the traffic circle for Como. Once you see a small lake on the left/south side of the road you'll see sign for Albavilla. Follow the signs for dell'Alpe del Vicer. You can park in Albavilla or follow the road up the mountain till you see a picnic area. Park, mount up and take the SW trail down in the valley.
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