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A Travessia de Portugal em BTT

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Location:Start BRAGANÇA at the Northeast of Portugal. Finish at SAGRES near LAGOS, The trail prefers the most interior areas of Portugal. Over 17 days and through the most remote areas of Portugal, the riders have the oportunity to ride in complete isolation in close contact with the wild life and unspoiled scenery, over the granite mountains at north and through the plans of Alentejo to reach the westcoast of Algarve in one of the most striking views over the high cliffs of the coastline. Staying overnight at small hotels and villas in pleasant historic medieval villages where residents warmly welcome riders and are always ready to help. Major Highlight(s): Through these 17 days one covers more than 1200 kms 95% of which Offroad and rides large tracks through green forests, steep uphills and breathtaking downhills, through endless singletacks bordering brooks and rivers, hardly visible tracks over big granitic rocks and down roman and medieval stone roads and finishing with a full 40 kms long track over the high cliffs and sunny sandy beaches of the wild COSTA VICENTINA. The whole trail is documented through GPS tracks (one per stage) allowing one to choose to whatever part of the whole Crossing better suits his timeframe. These GPS tracks are available at need. Just get in touch with me through my Email malvar@netcabo.pt Trail Length: 1200 km
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BRAGANÇA has an airfield and there are daily flights from Lisbon and Oporto. By road (A4)is 210 Kms from Oporto(major airport) or on the A1 and A4 some 520Kms away from Lisbon.
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