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Victory Training Center (Schweinfurt)

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Lots of single and double track through the forest in all directions. Some land is part of the US Army Training Area (watch out for Tanks) but most is State Forest. Trails range from gentle, groomed walking paths to tight, fast single track. Head east into the Stadt Wald (State Forest) between Zell and Mainberg. Trails are twisty, hills are steep. Watch for hikers and horses. Have a beer at the Gasthaus when you've finished (it's Germany, after all).
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Trail Directions
Route B19 North out of Schweinfurt. At Poppenhausen, go east on Route 286. Travel approx 3000 meters and turn right towards Hamback after passing through Maibach. Turn right (south)at the T interesection in Hambach. After approx 1500 meters turn left into the US Army Training Area (if you hit Dittelbrunn, you've gone too far). Take the right fork at the Y. Park at the top of the hill next to the Gasthaus.
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August 23, 2000

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 3 of 5

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Once a week

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Reviewed by: Tongue , from germany

Alot of trails, it takes a little while to find out what's cool and whats not. Alot of easy trails, and some that are harder. Watch out for the tree's. I've been riding for about two months and found it to be chalenging in spots. Go fast and furious, but remember, what goes down has to go up.

Recommended Route:
Same one to get there.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)