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Harburger Berge - Hamburg

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this is more a description of the area than of one particular trail! nice mixture of singeltracks and open landrover tracks. quite fast to ride because of the missing big mountains. a lot of sand. perfect terrain for singlespeeders. quite hard to find the flow because of the mixture of surfaces: from rocks and roots to deep sand. one thing is important: you are NOT allowed to use gears or suspension! ---ha, ha joke!
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Trail Directions
Take the S-Bahn via Heimfeld, ride to the "bar" at the trailhead called "Krtner Htte". Here you will find locals or start at you own. Now go out and ride!
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it depends
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Hamburg - Germany S- Bahn Heimfeld

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October 4, 2007

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 2 of 5

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 2 of 5

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Every few months

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Reviewed by: Fitzneo ,  Cross Country Rider

At the start point for these three trails there is a small café/restaurant called Kaerntner Hut. The people are friendly and I can recommend the Chips (French Fries for you Yanks) and Mayo accompanied by an Apfel Schorle which is a non-alcoholic fizzy apple drink. If you are really hungry and could eat a horse, you can in here as they serve horse steaks on the menu! As well as other speciality dishes all at reasonable prices. This hut is a popular meeting point for local bike riders and they are happy to show you some of the off-piste routes I mention in the review.
Good parking area off the main road and in sight of the hut and approached from several directions so you are very unlikely to suffer from any theft.
Site Map orientation is very confusing as it is aligned to the north so when you look at the map which is on a tree adjacent to the parking area you must remember that unlike everywhere else your ‘You are here’ start point is at the top and you have to reverse all of your notes and mental directions coming down the map because the tracks which start in front of you behind the map are all going up away from you. This is particularly important as the quality of signposting on the routes is very poor. As you approach each junction you must be prepared to take pot-luck as you will be faced with a choice of two or three directions and the continuation sign for your trail is several metres along the correct trail but not visible until you get to it, in other words you frequently find you make a choice and then have to turn back as you have not spotted the continuation which is either a small picture painted on a tree or a short wooden stake on one of the other tracks at that junction. Just to make the whole thing interesting your GPS can’t see enough sky most of the time so you get plenty of blank spaces on your track-log. The easiest way is to make a note at the start point saying which way each turn is but remember to make down into up and left into right etc.
There are three official trails Grosser Rundgang (8.5K) with Red Fox Signs, Stadtscheidelauf (6K) with Blue Squirrel signs and Rundweg/Waldehrpfad (2K) Yellow Woodpecker signs. I did all three one after the other and to be honest none of them are mountain bike tracks, every one could be done on a cycle-cross bike with drop handlebars. All are on forest tracks and are seriously over crowded with walkers on some weekends and holidays. Through the week they are relatively quiet and you are free to play. If you use the tracks as a base you can spot the off-piste routes the locals have made, some of these are through the trees in areas not frequented by walkers and you can have good fun, I even found a berm. The only way to have a good ride here is to explore and don’t forget to check out the areas alongside the horse tracks, some of these make great downhill rides and if you fall you can land in the nice soft sand in the horse track. There is little real single-track in the whole forest and overall I would class it as a nice after-work evening fitness ride rather than anything else, I also tried going round the tracks the opposite way to the accepted direction and found the signs made just as much sense but the ride was more taxing with a nice fast downhill at the end instead of a climb at the beginning. Except for odd places you can’t see very far so there is no stunning view as a reward just trees.
Verdict- Definitely worth a visit but you must improvise to have some fun.

Recommended Route:
Improvise !

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)