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Eckbach Tal (Near Gruenstadt)

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You name it, it's here. For an easy 3-mile ride, stay to the right on the north side of the extremely steep valley and it's all relatively mild farm roads, some paved, most not. If you want to get more adventurous, take either of the left turns, the first is about half a mile from the trail head, the other is about 2 miles out. At the bottom of the valley, cross the road and make your way to the trail that parallels the road on the south side of the valley. The bottom trail is nice rolling hills and double track wide. Either in Maihof Drahtzug to the west or Neuleinger Tal to the east, follow the logging road to the top of the hill, and pick your route from there, this ride can be as mild or wild and as short or long as you want. there is some technical single track, but it's mostly two-track or logging road. I live in Neuleiningen, so it's my own personal trail, and I love it.
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Take A6 from Kaiserslautern toward Mannheim. Take exit 18 (Wattenheim) and follow all signs toward Gruenstadt. Just after crossing under the autobahn, you will see the castle ruins, as you go down the hill into Neuleiningen, watch for parking signs, the lot is to your left. From the parking lot, backtrack up the road to your first left onto Altleininger Weg. The actual trail starts at the end of the street.
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