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come out of c car station and turn towards chamonix, take fire road running sw. this descends slowley for a couple of kms on easy wide fire road past another (closed in summer) lift station. small uphill section just after this but at the top of this the trail gets going....descend very steep loose section of fire road for 100 yds or so, on first r h bend look for s track. follow this across meadow for 1.5 km, this is a right blast,its one of those 6 inch wide numbers with bowled sides-many hidden rocks to catch you out. exit meadow sw corner watch this corner, bit rocky!... just after this there was a piece of wire across trail so watch for that too. nice singletrack for a km or so,then trail turns into f road again but sometimes VERY steep. trail switches back a couple of times then reverts to s track. drops for another km or two before meeting main valley f road. from here either turn right back to valley floor on easy trails OR if you take a left followed by a right you will see on the left more s track leading to a really challenging rock garden type affair. trials skills needed as much as dh here, see how far you get without dabbing...most of this trail apart from rock garden is ok for intermediate riders which is nice for chamonix where most of the singletrack is plain mental.
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go from chamonix to argentierre some 10 km north, take first stage of grand montets c car.
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