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Carbassas-Downhill and other beautifull trails

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Buy the map (institute geographique national (IGN) )of the region between Millau and Les Vignes (you can buy the map in Millau). I've ridden three trips organised by camping "les Prades", but you can ride it yourself without a guide easily if you have the good map from the IGN. Ride uphill untill you are on the "causse". Then ride there and join the beautifull and rocky downhill with big dropp-offs onto the village of Paulhe through the ravin. You see the village of Carbassas under you. There are two little petit man-built north-shore trials. The trail onto La Cresse is also interessting and beautifull but less rough and you get less adrenalin into you veins. You can also ride from Le Rozier to Les Vignes (the route under near the river on the IGN-map), it's very nice nature in the Tarn-region (Tarn and Jonte and Dourby rivers). There are lots of trails to choose, all the singletracks are on the IGN-map, and there is a book for sell by the tourist office in Millau. It's called: 20 balades a velo et a vtt (mountainbike). Lot's of beautiful views to a beautiful landscape. (sorry for my bad english, I'm Dutch)
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Trail Directions
Go to the Tarn-region in France.
Trail Length
the downhills itselves to Paulhe and La Cresse aprox.: 5-6 rough miles (10 km)
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