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The no namer

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Mont bellevue is a sexy elite ride, climb it for a warm up and ride it down it really wicked, plus look around in those wood there like 4 or 5 other trail. Im not sure if there are actually bike trail but there elite too with lot of climbiing and lots of DH (short DH but lots of gg rock and root to jump down). Some part maybe very tuff since i think it a raquette trail only haha anyway it not for kid either for amateur so be in shape when u go there fool!!! Because some hill are like 60 degree and more, plus it has lots of technical pass in some trail where u need to be good at controling fatigue and steering at same time Has for dessert there a sexy lake like 5 km from there if u continue on the corridor aerobic, dont be shy to take a dip boys and girl!
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15 nord, then you will see exit st-sauveur and morin-heigth (go toward morin-heigth) Find (La rue du village) it a street. then look for a close ski mountain call Mont Bellevue, ull just see the trail climbing up in the mouintain.
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