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The Gay trail (Victoria Bridge to St-Catharines beach)

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This trail parallels the road along the top of the dyke that seperates the St-Lawrence River from the seaway. It is down on the river side of the dyke & goes from St-Catharines beach to The Victoria Bridge. The section from the Victoria bridge to the Champlain is tight twisty singletrack (be carefull for people coming the other way, the sight lines aren't too good with all the vegetation in the summer). The section from the Champlain to St-Catharines starts off as singletrack & turns into fire road. It is faster & swoopier in parts. Things to enjoy: The smell of the river on a hot, humid summer day (gack! cough! gack!). The nude (strictly male unfortunately) sunbathers that like to do their thing on some parts of the trail (I keep telling myself "I'm going too fast to see them, I'm going too fast to see them..."). It is thanks to these individuals that the trail got it's name as sometimes I think I've caught glimpses of other stuff going on in the bushes. Thankfully I go too fast to tell for sure.
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Trail Directions
Trail is not a loop so there are 2 trailheads. 1-Take the Victoria Bridge bike overpass from The Shore (no, not that Shore...), or Circuit Gilles Villeneuve towards the Victoria Bridge if you're coming from the island. 2-If you live is St-Catharines, Delson, Kanawake or thereabouts, take the lift bridge over the seaway (towards St-Catharines Beach) & turn right. Take the dirt road that goes down to the left (there's a gate but it's easy to get around).
Trail Length
15km in one direction but you gotta get back somehow so lets say 30km
Trail Level
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads
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