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Montagne coupe

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A mix of everything, roots, rocks a lot of ups and down. Hard to keep a good flow and the trails are short and very confusing, even if you get a map at the entrance. You got to finish the ride with #4 and climb up to the top (500 feet), their is a amazing spot on the top and the view is breath taking. On your way down, you could easily reach speeds of 45 km/h. Overall, the trails are not exiciting and confusing. But #4 and the landscape of Montagne coupe is nice. This is private property and their is a charge of 5,00$ to get in. Montagne coup is not in my recomended places to ride.
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Trail Directions
From Montreal, Highway 40 east, exit 122, route 31 north, route 131 north all the way to Centre Touristique Montagne coupe. Cant miss it their is a horse statue.
Trail Length
16 miles
Trail Level
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads

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