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Meech Trail

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Sweet, technical single track with some definate north shore influences. Two small balance bridges, one big drop bridge (>8 feet), and some good jumps. The technical bits are crazy in parts and rival the toughest stuff in Bromont (mostly because they are illegal trails)
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Trail Directions
This trail has been around for a couple years now, I don't know the real name so I named it after the chair lift. This trail starts at the top of the new part of Camp Fortune. It is to the right of the chair lift if you are looking down. It is a little hard to find but don't give up! It is about 25ft to the right of where you would get off the chair.
Trail Length
1 kilometer
Trail Level
Trail Type
Chelsea, Hull, Ottawa

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Review Date
June 27, 2002

Overall Rating
 5 of 5

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Once a month

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Reviewed by: Crud Ass Pirate , from Carleton Place

Awesome trail! FLOW FLOW FLOW! Technical, fast, hucking, its all there. The douche bags who like the whale will like this trail even more. This is a great little trail.

Recommended Route:
Drive to the top and bike down road/trail to where World Cup DH starts and then make your way up and to the left to the new chairlift. Trail is on the right looking down.

Other recommended trails in the same area:
The World Cup DH trail and some other little trails on Fortune.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)