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Pretty crazy, has a few stunts, including bridges, and logs to ride, plus a board crossing over a pit, always fun! Pretty technical with step sections and slippery wood, watch the board over the pit when wet, to the right you can go around it if you want...
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Trail Directions
Go along the 329 towards Lachute until the bike path crosses the road. Park and go along it to the right, after about 300 feet you'll see a little trail going up, there it is. Usually you ride the other way but it's hard to explain how to get there, and this way you cn look at all the stunts without having to ride them right away.
Trail Length
1km, maybe less, quite short
Trail Level
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Morin Heights
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October 6, 2010

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Reviewed by: 8_balls ,  Weekend Warrior

UPDATE: I feel compeled to update this trail's status. It could be a contender for worst trail in quebec. I don't know if this trail was sabotaged or what, but all of the man made bridges or jumps are pretty much destroyed or rotten. And when you do hit the downhill section, its completely overgrown with thornbush. When i was finished it looked like i endured some sort of torture. If you're planning on going to morin-heights, definitely avoid this trail. There are plenty of other ones to take (although nothing is marked until about halfway down each trail). At least its free.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)