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De La Marquise

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Pretty sweet, isn't the most technical trail, but still fun. Single track DH descent mostly, can be done on any bike, even ridable for small kids, but still remains fun for the rest of us. Quite challenging, with highspeeds attainable, this trail rocks!
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Trail Directions
Go to the Christie Ville ski hill, just off highway 364 towards Morin Heights, there are signs. This trail is in between the towns of Morin Heights and St. Sauver. Once parked at the bottom of the ski hill, it is time to go up. Bike to the top, well about 100 feet from the top, and look on the left for a small trail open, I don't think there is a trail sign, but I will make one soon. Have a nice ride down, you end up in St. Sauver. Once you know the trail you can then go from the back and come down the ski hill, but watch for me coming down!!
Trail Length
~2km DH, maybe 3km total...
Trail Level
Trails for all skill levels
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St. Sauver
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