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Monkey Tango, Bench Ridge, Hurricane Wave

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About a km out of town, heading east on the Confederation Trail, there are three trailheads. 'Monkey Tango' is rated green/easy, 'Bench Ridge' is rated blue/moderate, and 'Hurricane Wave' is rated black/difficult. These trails are just getting started and are freshly built. There is not more than 3 km of them right now, BUT THERE IS A BUNCH OF FLAGGING OUT THERE. The owners of the B&B I'm staying at say that they had a boarder who was one of the guys building trails, and that they are just getting started. Like I said, there isn't much now, but each trail is MARKED with the usual "helmet mandatory" signage from the town. There is a future here, and O'Leary is a quiet, laid back, cool little town.

Hope to see this as a future PEI trail!
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