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Windmill Road Thomasburg

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Most of the trail is made by ATV's. Starts off bumpy and rocky, then it gets wet with a stream that runs down the trail, into a creed bed, which is rock bottom, quite fast to ride. When it goes back uphill it gets rutty, and when you enter the woods, quite technical with rocks, and roots. Other trails come off the main loop, some are well worth trying, and some are quite long.
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Hwy#37 to Vanderwater Park Rd. Turn left onto Old Hungerford Rd, follow this until it turns into Windmill Rd. Follow this unti it ends at the beginning of the trail. Follow this for approx. 1km then turn right into the trail at the old Windmill amongst some trees. Follow this up the hill, keep left at the fork, then every turn after that is to the right. It will bring you back to this same fork, to come back on. Trail length from start is 14kms.
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Singletrack & Fire Roads

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