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the maitland trail

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a 48 km trail that has something for everybody. can start at beach, follow rail trail across Menesetung rail bridge, follow to tiger dunlop tomb, keep going for approx 12 km, turn right on blind line, can follow to little lakes rd. or continue to dead- end of blind line, where you join the maitland river valley, which heads SW back toward Benmiller and Goderich. Cross county Rd 31 where the wooden gate is, head downhill to river, follow trail to Benmiller Inn, some hiking sections thru here, then onto the Falls Reserve and the Morris tract, these are the 2 best sections of trail. This should take you out to the auto wreckers on cty rd 31 a few km east of Saltford, can cross Hwy 21 and head back up past Tiger Dunlop''s tomb onto the rail trail and head left back to town and the beach
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Trail Directions
Can start at Menesetung bridge, on North Harbour Rd. at the beach, or The Falls Conservation area, or the Benmiller Inn is another excellent start point.
Trail Length
48 Kilometers
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Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads
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