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Smith Bush, West Rocks

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The trails around Owen Sound are a mixture of smooth dirt single track, pure rock trail, and everything in between,, depending on how far you are from the edge of the escarpment, try not to bring any 24 spokers, because the rock will be very rough on your rims, and be VERY careful on the rock after a rain, because it becomes super slick
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Trail Directions
Owen Sound is based in a valley that rises steeply on both sides and narrows at beautiful Inglis Falls, so basically there are trails around the entire rim except for most of the East Side Escarpment. Coming from Toronto, take a left at the first lights past Chatsworth, and then a right at the first road you see, follow it down a short ways and you will see the entrance to Inglis falls (be sure not to go in the exit road, which you will pass first). At Inglis Falls the is a paved parking lot and covered picnic area. You will see gray signs with trails marked on them. You can basically access most trails from that parking lot.
Trail Length
I think about 30-35km
Trail Level
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Owen Sound

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September 3, 2000

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 5 of 5

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Once a week

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Reviewed by: Kyle McIver , from Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada

The trails across the river from Inglis unfortunately been woodchipped over, so don't go on those, if you can avoid it. However you can get down to Harrison Park by taking the wide trail into the woods, and taking the first left turn, there are now two options to descend the Escarpment, both are difficult but i recommend you pass the first route and take the second which is very steep and rocky and lots of fun. To get to Smith Bush, cross the road from the entrance to Inglis and take the stileto get over the fence, you will bike through a field, and will reach another stile, go over that, and you will be in some sweet singletrack. To get to the West Rocks, just follow the Bruce Trail out of the other end of Smith Bush, turn left at the road, and right at the first corner, continue until the road becomes double track, and numerous trails will branch off left and right ( don't take the Bruce Trail when it first turns off in to the West Rocks, because you will walk 80% of that section, but the rest is sweet, have fun, where you lid always,and all the trails are FREE

Recommended Route:
You can go pretty much anywhere around here, and its pretty hard to get lost because you have lots of vantage points that let you find you way around, and if you can't find you car, just ask someone, and they will probably point you in the right direction

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Anything over near Collingwood, Whipering Pines(at Hepworth)

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)