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Nirvana is our effort at a little more advanced trail. It's relatively short but we combine it with the Brocktel Trail for about a 2 hour ride. We have built ladders, log crossings (20') and drop-offs. The area has a ton of natural drops (The Hole is about an 8' drop!) and gut-wrenching climbs. Very rocky and technical and a blast to ride. The trail takes you up and down a stream valley and short canyon. The area is part of the Frontenac Axis so it's got a ton of rocky terrain changes that are just as fun climbing as going down. Just don't ride it alone because when you fall no one will hear you whimpering cries for help.
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Trail Directions
Get to the town of Lyn (about 5 minutes west of Brockville) and turn onto Lyn Valley Road. Park at the Lyn Conservation area. Head south until just before the bridge. Trailhead is across a stream that you can ride in the fall or must portage across the tree-bridge.
Trail Length
2 miles
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December 19, 2002

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 5 of 5

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Once a week

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Reviewed by: Bobby G , from Brockville

Nirvana is probably the most fun trail in the greater Brockville metropolitan area. It's as close to Freeride stuff that we get locally. We just started developing the trails so it will only get better! 20' log crossings, 3' drop-offs, ladders, etc. Not North Shore (but what is?) but fun if you're in the area. A lot of technical climbs, granny-gear climbs and then just as fun turning around to fly back down! Ride is only about 2 miles but I guarantee that you can't ride it dab-free, so you end up spending an hour just trying things over & over. Has a couple of nasty 70drops with trees and rocks at the bottom so a wise line is required. We've built a couple of 3' ladder drop-offs and there a ton of natural ridges that you can try if you want to. Just an all-round fun waste of an hour! Cheers

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Follow instructions from Trail Description

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Brocktel - we usually combine this trail with Nirvana on our Thursday night ride.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)